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We hear this from all the students we come by. Their single request is, “Do my assignment and give me a quality work”. Of course! It is obvious that if you have given us to do your assignment, then you will look for quality. Quality assignment help is defined by several characteristics. For some it is quick delivery of a work that can give them a pass in their university. And for some it is homework quality that can give them A+ on their college. Definition of assignment quality can be anything. Some students want to have at least 10% plagiarism in their assignment for authenticity, while others want 0% plagiarism. What is yours?

We have experts who cater to different types of students on a daily basis. We have team who understands what kind of experts can generate what quality of assignments. Therefore, whenever you give us the assignment to do, we identify the best expert as per the requirement criteria and send the work to him or her. The expert then completes the work and send back to us that we later forward it to you after verification.

We also follow a rigid assignment quality verification process so that the next time you tell us “do my assignment”, then you get the quality you want and deserve. Our quality team verifies all the assignments submitted by the experts and look for any issue in the quality criteria such as grammar, referencing, formatting, word count, answer quality, and others. If the team finds out that the assignment is as per the required quality, then it is sent to you. On the other hand, if it is found that the expert needs to make some improvement, then the work is sent back to expert for the changes before sending the work in your hand. We are not afraid of making even hundreds of edits in your assignment solution to make it a quality work. We send you the work when we are satisfied with the quality of the assignment. However, if you end up sending back the assignment the assignment file because you also wanted some improvement in the quality of the assignment, then we again send it back to the expert to make the changes that are needed by you.

Therefore, you have not to bother about what you will get when you make the payment to us for your assignment. We send all the assignments on time as well. When you say, “Do my assignment” to us, we also ask you the deadline when you need the work. Deadline is always the most important thing as all the assignment has some deadline on which it needs to be sent to the University. Therefore, we always try to ensure that we send you the quality assignment and that on time. We know that the assignment, no matter how good the quality is, will be of no use if you cannot submit it to the university on time. Almost all the universities have late deadline submission criteria where students end up sacrificing their marks due to late submission. So we care a lot for the deadline. In some instances students receive lots of deadlines such as a month or two, in that case, we still ensure that you get the assignment earlier so that you can have good amount of time in your hand to make the changes that are required in the assignments. We rarely ask for deadline extension as we have 99% success rate of submitting the quality assignment on time to the students. This is the only biggest factor that has brought the students to us time and time again.

We not only care about the deadline, but the quality as well that we have already told you before. The assignment quality is as important as submitting the assignment on deadline. When we receive the assignment file from the student, the first thing we do is that we go through each of the requirements that are given in the file. We look for any more information that will be required from you to get the task done. We do this because we have faced situations when students say “do my assignment” but they forget to attach all the necessary files to get the assignment done. This creates issue for the expert when he or she sits down to actually do the work. In most of the cases, requesting the missing file and receiving the file again consumes at least 12 to 24 hours which delays the assignment. If the deadline of the assignment is very far, then there is no major issue, however, if the assignment has shorter deadline, then there is higher chance that the expert will get less and less time to finish the work and meet the deadline of the work. Therefore, our team ensures that the work requirement is clear from the beginning and nothing is needed in order to finish the work.

So we suggest you that when you say “do my assignment”, then make sure that you have also read and understood the assignment requirement. We know that you have less time in your hand and therefore you have given us the assignment to do. But if you do not know the assignment requirement, then it will be very difficult for you to verify the quality of the assignment that the expert will send you. Also, if you are aware about the requirement of the assignment, then it is highly likely that you will send the assignment file and all the needed pre-requisite files to get the assignment done.

We are looking forward to your request of “Do my assignment”. We are running Flat 40% discount for our first time customers. If you are new to our service, and never used our service before, then you can avail this offer. You will charge you flat 40% less than the market rate on your first assignment.


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