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  • All use information is closely held with strong algorithm and no information is shared with any third party.
  • The data is kept secret from any employee who does not need your information to fulfill their job duty.
  • All your payments are handled by Paypal and we abide by the Paypal privacy policies. Our collaboration with Paypal ensures that your payment information stays with them and secured so that no one can access such information.
  • We reserve the right to disclose your personal identifiable information to any government organization if required by law for the protection of our rights and/or to comply with needed judicial proceedings, court order, or legal processes.
  • Our website collects relevant passive data/or active through the use of cookies to provide our services to our users.
  • AssignmentHelpShop.com reserves the right for the modification of privacy statement at any time deem fit. The users/clients/customers/visitors are requested to review this page periodically for any changes made. All the parties will be bound by the use of the service under the modified privacy policies.

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