Noah Santos

Marketing Management

10+ years of assignment writing experience in management subjects with particular interest in marketing.

William Greene

Finance Management

9+ years of assignment writing experience in management subjects with particular interest in finance.

James Fawcett

Human Resource Management

Researcher and educator for 5+ years. Special interest in human resource management.

Logan Ingham


8+ years of of teaching experience in python, java, c++/c, and C#, and 4 years in writing assignments.

Benjamin Grimes


6+ years of assignment writing experience with 4+ years of teaching experience. PhD.

Mason Moon

Finance Management

PhD in Finance Management with extensive academic experience in various universities.

Elijah Costello


8+ years of assginment writing experience and 6+ years of industry experience.

Oliver Downing


4+ years of assignment writing experience and 5+ years of industrial experience in management.

Jacob Hindle

Marketing Management

PhD in Marketing with 10+ experience as educator and researcher. Currently writing assignments.

Lucas Beal


Writing assignments for 5+ years. Left middle managment role in engineering division 6 years ago.

Olivia Jones

Human Resource Management

10+ years of HRM experience and 5+ years of academic experience as educator and writer.

Ava Taylor

Marketing Management

6.5 years of writing experience in marketing and a researcher with PhD in marketing management.

Isabella Williams

Marketing Management

Professional writing experience for 10+ years in management with marketing as key area.

Sophia Brown

Web Development

Web developer and academician for 10+ years. PHP, CSS3, HTML5, ReactJS, JS, and Python

Mia Davies

Civil Engineering

Civil engineer for 6+ years and academic writer for 5+ years in civl engineeering courses.

Charlotte Evans

Finance Management

Finance manager for 8+ years and part time academic writer for 4+ years.

Amelia Wilson

Human Resource Management

12+ years of writing experience with PhD and research experience in Human Resource Management.

Evelyn Thomas


Writer and History lover. 10+ years of writing experience and an avid history book reader.

Abigail Roberts


English educator to unvirsity students for 8+ years of experience with MPhil.

Harper Johnson

Operations Management

An academic and researcher with 10+ years of writing experience in operations management.

Michael Allison


Nursing writer with 8+ years of academic experience. Former researcher with PhD.

Alexander Nicol


PhD in Psychology with 10+ years of working experience in academic research and writing.

Ethan Mulligan


English lecturer and writer who enjoys helping student get good grades. 10+ years experience.

Daniel Ashcroft

Operations Management

PhD in Operations Management and 5+ years of research and writing experience in OM.

Matthew Gilbey

Finance Management

Researcher in the field of Finance Management. Avid reader and writer. 10+ Experience.

Aiden Braithwaite

Marketing Management

Marketing experience for 5+ years. Academician for 6+ years, teaching and writing MM.

Henry Sampson

Web Development

Web Developer with 15+ years of industry experience and writing experience of 5+ years.

Joseph Martinez

Data Science

Data Science Educator. Proficient in Python, R, and JavaScript Programming.

Jackson Raymond

Data Science

R and Python Expert with knack for everything related to Data Science and Modelling.

Samuel Keogh


Programmer by day and writer by night. Educator and assignment writer for past 10+ years.

Emily Lewis


Working with AssignmentHelpShop Company for 9+ years. Lecturer by day and writer by night.

Elizabeth Walker


PhD in Nursing and extensive researcher and writer. 5+ years with AssignmentHelpShop Company

Avery Robinson


PhD in Management with 6+ years of assignment writing experience. Always A+ grader!

Sofia Wood


Engineer by day and technical assignment writer by night. 10+ years of extensive experience.

Ella Thompson

Data Science

Data Scientist and Academic. PhD in Mathematics with experience in R and Python programming.

Madison White

Web Development

Assignment writer and web developer for the past 12+ years with assignment help shop.

Scarlett Watson

Digital Marketing

Industry based digital marketer by day and assignment writer by night with AHS for 6+ years.

Victoria Jackson

Marketing Management

Marketing Management Educator for 5+ years with 8 years of industry experience.

Aria Wright

Supply Chain Management

PhD in Supply Chain Management. 11+ years of research and writing experience.

Grace Green

Supply Chain Management

Academic experience in research and writing for 13+ years in supply chain management.

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