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Joe is into his late thirties working day and night at a school earning his monthly wage to sustain his family. He lives with his wife and three kids and his wife does not have enough skills to get a job in the fast paced hustle and bustle of California. Joe is the only one working in this small family sustaining life of his wife and three little kids who are about to get old enough to go the schools. But the problem with Joe is that he does not earn enough that he can send his kids to a good college. Every night after his duty he used to come home and bang his head on the wall unable to find a better way to get his life on track and earn some good salary. Someone from his school told him that he can do some courses and teach students instead of cleaning and wiping the school floor. The Joe said he does not where to start and more importantly where he will find the job at the age when he has a wife and three kids to look after. That man has no answer to that but it got stuck into Joe’s head. He kept on thinking and started to talk about it with few people, but from all directions he faced negativity. You know how negative people are. They will tell you hundred reasons to stop and not one reason to move on. One day Joe was sitting at the school waiting for the lunch to get over so that he can go back to clean the floor. Principle was passing by and Joe struck up short conversation. He asked the same thing. Luckily, yes luckily principle had the answer. Principle told him to join online courses of Universities. He can do online graduation and get his degree and then he will be eligible to work at the school as a teacher. Joe found the solution but then again stuck on the next issue, how will do the assignments. Managing job and college assignment at the same time is a tough nut to crack, but Joe had to do this. He went online searching for the way out. And eventually we were found by Joe through one of the advertising. Now Joe is our permanent customer. We did entire online courses of Joe. This story is six years old and Joe has completed his masters. He is still working at the schools with his kids in the same school doing their classes. Now whenever Joe finds the need to get assignment help, he comes back to us for all his assignment needs.

When Joe shared his story with us last year, we realized we are not only helping students who in their colleges yet to start their career, but we are also helping the people who are into their full time jobs. These are some of the people who are highly motivated and looking for career change. We are glad that we helped Joe in getting assignment help whenever he needed. Interestingly, as Joe became our full time customer, we also charged him very less as we always knew he will come back. Joe has completed more than hundred assignments from us. Best thing is that we have also done few assignments of other individuals referred by Joe. We are glad for Joe.

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