We request the visitors, previous and current customers, and the intended customers to kindly go through our terms and conditions that bind the provision of our services. The terms and conditions mentioned here are applicable to all the users of our products and services along with the visitors of our website and sister concerns. In the following terms and conditions, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘AssignmentHelpShop’, ‘the company’, and ‘Assignment Help Shop’ refers to AssignmentHelpShop.com, ‘you’ refers to all those individuals who are using our services or website or have used it in the past or intending to use in the future. ‘You’ can be any individual, between any age group, of any caste, creed, religion, sex, and educational background, and others.

Copyright Statement

All the content written or presented on this website are copyright material of AssignmentHelpShop.com. Logos, if there is any, of respective companies and universities belong to them and the holds no right. Rest of the materials are exclusively owned by the company and no materials or should be used for commercial or public purpose without the written consent of AssignmentHelpShop.

We have not granted any individual to use the content displayed or used on our site for use in commercial purposes or modify the content in any manner. Identification of any individual engaged in unauthorized usage will be termed illegal. All rights stated in these terms and conditions are reserved with the company.

New Work and Revisions

You agree that all work will be sent to you as per requirements and within the deadline subject to Force Majeure clause on this page. All the revisions will be done for free within the 30 days’ time period from the day of complete assignment delivery. You agree that any revisions will be as per the initial requirement of the assignment and not additional. You agree to make the payments for any additional requirement.

Price and Payment

You agree that our writers or experts will not start the work prior to receipt of the payment. You agree that you will receive the work only after the complete payment as agreed between us for the assignment or related activities. We are not responsible for any transaction charges you bear during the payment transfer. You agree to pay the full amount as agreed with our sales representative or other representative or employees of our company.

Refund and Revision

We do unlimited revisions for our clients for free for the period of 30 days. After the completion of 30 days, the service users are expected to pay additional payment to continue the revision. No new requirement will be considered as revision and if client is willing then it will be considered as additional and the work will be done after reciept of the payment. Refund will be done only if the student gets fail grade in his or her class or we fail to deliver the assignment/files/projects as promised. All actions are mandatory to be taken within 30 days, else will be held non-negotiablly unactionable. The users are recommended to submit their fail grade within 30 days of receiving the assignment solution files. We do not hold ourselves liable for any communcation for refund held betweeen us and you after lapse of 30 days.

Information you give us

You agree that all the information you provide us are accurate and up to date. You agree that you are liable for the failure of the delivery or late submission of any files to you, due to the error caused due to the inaccurate information provided by you. You are liable to provide us with all the information to us that are necessary for the delivery of the work and any necessary communication. The new requirements of any kind regarding the assignment after making the payment to start the work will be considered as additional and you agree to make additional payment as judged by our sales representatives. You are solely responsible to send all the necessary files and information that are necessary to complete the assignment. In the absence of any relevant information or files, our writers or experts are free to take decision on their sole discretion to complete the assignment as they deem fit. You agree to cooperate with the writers or experts to provide all the relevant information for the completion of the project or assignment as and when needed. You agree that, if the writers or experts fail to provide you with the quality project, it is your sole responsibility to assess the quality of the work prior to making any submission.


While using our services, you agree that there can be several unforeseen technical or non-technical issues that may impact the delivery of the assignments through mail or through our website. You agree that you accept all the risks that are associated with the delivery or exchange of the assignment files. All the files will be delivered to you through the electronic medium and no hard copies will be sent to your address. We always try our level best to deliver you the projects and files with the time frame you request from us. However, we do not guarantee the delivery in case unforeseen circumstances and you agree to provide us the extension in the delivery date. If we fail to deliver you the work as per the deadline, we will refund you the amount subject to the Price and Payment section.

Taxes, Duties, and Import Restrictions

While receiving our products, you agree that we do not have knowledge of any laws of tax, duties, and import restrictions of your country, and you are the sole responsible individual to handle such matters and bear any associated additional cost. The company will not bear any cost applicable of any manner.

Works Returned

You agree that cannot cancel the projects or work for which you make the partial or complete payment to us. Once we receive the payment, our expert start the work on your assignments. You agree that all payments are non-refundable in any circumstances. You will be the sole responsible individual if you lose the proof of payment or the failure of the mail delivery system you are using. Our team will make all the needed efforts to ensure that you get your work as per the requirement and within the deadline subject to the unforeseen circumstances. We suggest you to consult our customer representative for any refund or cancellation request and subject to circumstances your refund request can be accepted. However, it is at the sole discretion of the company management to accept or reject the request.


We or our partners make regular changes to the website and our terms and conditions as and when required. You are advised that the content of this website may be inaccurate or may have typographical errors. We do not hold ourselves liable for such inaccuracies or errors or fact misrepresentation. You are advised to act on your own and make decisions by consulting whoever you find knowledgeable enough to provide you with authentic support and information. We do not hold ourselves liable for the individuals or sources you choose to authentic the information present on our websites or the study materials or reference materials we provide. You agree that all our files sent to you are the study materials of some form or the other and you are the sole responsible person for the accuracy of the information in those files if you intend to use those in any manner.

We give no warranty and make no representation, express or implied, as to:

  • The adequacy or appropriateness of the files and information contained in it for the purpose for your use.
  • The truth or accuracy of any information given on our website or in the files and information contained in it.
  • Any implied warranty or condition as merchantability or fitness of the files or information contained in it for any purpose.
  • Compatibility of our website or files sent to you with your software or any software environment setting.
  • Compliance with the law.
  • Non-infringement of any right.
  • The accuracy of the contents of the links on our website that redirects to the internal or external sources. You agree that we shall not be liable for the accuracy of the content of the linked website, nor for any losses or damages you face from the use of the information on those sources.

We make all the necessary effort to help you achieve highest possible grades. However, you agree that we will not be liable for the loss of scores for any reason whatsoever. You agree that if you use our files or submissions to your institutions, then we will not be liable for any loss or damage in the score or failure occurring from it. Our employees make all the needed effort to improve your grades. However, we do not agree guarantee for the scores you expect from our services. We expect you to read our provided files carefully and make all the needed changes before the final submission.

Permitted use of our work

If you use our services or website, you agree that you do not have complete right to breach the copyright our work products or services. You agree that you will forfeit all the rights to use the files we send you in accordance to these terms. You agree that you will not resell any of the files or information contained in those files and the violation will lead to forfeiting of the right to use. You agree that you will use our files, website and other services only for references and will not submit as it is to any educational or non-educational institutions such as universities, colleges, schools, or others. You also agree not to resell or distribute our files to any third party or any other individuals directly or indirectly associated or not associated with you. You agree that you will be liable to any loss caused to you if you use our services or website in any manner. We will not be liable for any actions that you take that is breach of the rules, regulations or guidelines of your institutions.

System Security

You agree that you will not break or attempt to break or violate or compromise the security and integrity of our website and any of our service aspects. You agree not to modify or engineer or reverse engineer, decompile, copy, disassemble, cause damage, and affect our website or services or portion of our website or related services or any software used on our website in any manner. You agree not to permit any individual to engage as above listed.

You understand that the aforementioned activities are unlawful and may result in criminal prosecution against you in any court or jurisdiction as decided the company. Some of the violations may be but not limited to such as mail bombing, crashing, server overloading, network blocking, security breach, and others.


If you use our services and website, then you agree to indemnify us against any claim or demand, reasonable costs, charges or losses. It includes costs for arbitrators, lawyers’ fees, convenience fees, travelling charges, use of our website, or any other direct or indirect cost to the company. Indemnity applies to you and any individual who is directly or indirectly related to you and uses our services in behalf of you.

Third Party Rights

No third party rights is conferred by the company and is completely under the consideration of the management or the board of directors of the company to make such decisions if feasible.


If the terms and conditions mentioned in this webpage is held void, invalid or unenforceable, then it is the right of the service provider, in this case, the company to choose the jurisdiction where the particular void, invalid, or unenforceable terms or conditions are valid. It is at the sole discretion of the company to choose the panel of individual arbitrator who agrees by these conditions and will be brought forward by the company for the arbitration. The terms and condition of the company is not bind by individual country’s law and regulations and it is considered as agreed by the individuals or person who is using the services and the website of the company. The reduced form of certain terms and condition will still be applicable

Force Majeure

We do not and will not hold ourselves responsible for the events that are beyond our control. We will make the efforts to resolve the situation but subject to the circumstances which can be unforeseeable which may prevent us from fulfilling a contract. We will not be liable for breach of contract in such circumstances. There can be any form of force majeure such as employees’ strike, connectivity issues, email misdirection, software technical issues, employees’ misunderstanding of the communication, other issues that cannot be controlled.

Dispute Resolution

All the rights mentioned in this page is bound by the local laws of AssignmentHelpShop. The company holds the right to select the court and arbitrators for the resolution of any dispute if arises. If you are using our services and website, then you agree that any dispute, if arises, will be resolved as per the decisions of AssignmentHelpShop.com. The company holds the right to conduct all the legal activities without your consent and as deems fit. You agree that you will abide the decisions made by the arbitrators appointed by the company, and it depends on the willingness of the company to decide whether to take the matter to the judiciary or to resolve the issues remotely from anywhere in the world with the use of the company appointed arbitrator.

All terms and conditions mentioned on this page is applicable throughout our services and products. If any information on other pages of our website or on our product or through the company employees clash with the clauses mentioned here, the clauses mentioned on this webpage will prevail in any given circumstances. Our service users are suggested to use our product and services in line with the above mentioned terms and conditions only.

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