We recommend you to carefully read and understand the revision and refund policy stated below. This policy compliments the Terms of Use of our service. The policies mentioned below is binding on both the parties, you and AssignmentHelpShop.com:

  1. If you have placed a cancellation request on your order even before the work has started by our expert, then you have to pay a cancellation charge of 25% on the total amount that was agreed between AssignmentHelpShop.com and you. Further, if the expert has already started the work on your assignment, then the cancellation charge of 25% will be charged along with the charges for the effort invested on your assignment by the expert. It ensures that the expert receives his/her due compensation in accordance with the effort made on your work by him/her till the date of your cancellation request.
  2. If you have been charged multiple times for the same assignment, then send the receipt to us. We will refund the remaining amount to the bank through which you sent the payment. You can also recharge your wallet with the additional amount for future assignments or you can receive it in your bank account in 15-20 days.
  3. We have always ensured that you get the best assignment help experts. However, if for some reason you do not get your assignment delivered due to unavailability of assignment experts, then we will do your next assignment of the same value without any charges.
  4. You must ensure that all the required instruction and support files for your assignment requirement are sent to us at the time you place the order. It is possible that due to some unforeseen circumstances your assignment will be delivered post deadline. It can occur due to several common reasons such as unavailability of experts, delayed response from your side, missing information in the assignment requirement, lack of research information about the assignment topic, and others. However, our team always makes best efforts to ensure that you get complete delivery of the assignments within the given deadline. If our experts send you any query related to the assignment, and if you do not respond to it within 24 hours, then the expert will continue with the assignment. In this case, you will receive the assignment as per whatever information was available with the expert and no changes will be entertained without additional payment. If you want to cancel your assignment at this stage, then the resolution will take place as per Clause No. 1.
  5. In the case of non-delivery of assignments due to any reason, your payment will be transferred to your wallet that you can use for your future assignments. There is no cash or electronic transfer to your bank account or card. If you find any contradictory information related to refund on other pages on this website, then only the information contained on this Revision and Refund Policy page will stand final.
  6. We ensure that we provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. Therefore, we provide unlimited revisions within the ambit of initial requirements placed at the time of making payment. You will receive revisions for your assignments only as per the availability of the experts. If you receive fail grade upon use of our provided solutions and materials, then we will not be liable to release refund of any kind to you in the form of cash or electronic money transfer. However, 50% of the amount equivalent to the price agreed between AssignmentHelpShop.com and you for the purchase of the assignment will be transferred to your AssignmentHelpShop.com wallet (AHS wallet). You can use this amount in the future to purchase the next assignment. You have to use this amount within one year from the time it was transferred in your wallet. The transferred amount will expire after one year. If you have received grades that are considered as passed as per your University or College, then no refund will be released in your wallet. In case of fail grades we will ensure that strict actions are taken against the expert who did your assignment so that no similar issues occur in future.
  7. Except as mentioned in Clause No. 2, you will not get any cash refund. Therefore, upon verification of your other claims we will credit an equivalent amount to that of the assignment in your wallet only.
  8. If you are using our service for plagiarism report, pre-used assignment solutions, or resume, then you are not eligible for refund.

Please note that only this webpage is considered as final for all resolutions related to revision and refund cases. If you find any contradictory information anywhere on the AssignmentHelpShop.com website, by our sales representative, or on any other external websites such as Facebook or others, then they should be considered void. Only the information contained on this page is legally binding.

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