What is computer network assignment help?

A network is a cluster of interconnected computers that are connected to share data, resources or information, etc. There are different types of networks and these networks have different characteristics. There are different types of topologies in computer networking such as star topology, bus topology, ring topology, mesh topology, tree, or hierarchical topology.

Assignments on computer networks can be complicated because you would have to go through all the connection types and learn the advantages and disadvantages of all the connections. There are various components required to set up a connection and learning about all these connectors is complicated because there are various types of USB hubs, of connecting cables, routers, distributors. You should also learn how to operate and set up the software on your device. It is important to set up a firewall and ensure all the settings are done right.

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How our assignment helpers can provide assistance in networking assignments?

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What are the popular topics in computer network assignments that we help?

A network refers to interconnected computers that share information and resources with one another. There are various components into play while creating a network and the components are also very important. We have to understand the role and importance of each component and learn how to work with them.

These topics or components might be very common subjects in networking assignments and there are various questions that demand a technical understanding of the components. Understanding the functions, advantages, and disadvantages will help in completing the in computer network assignments.

Campus LAN

LAN refers to a Local area network and this is a type of connection spread over a short distance. The connection distance is short and is suitable for schools, colleges, and organizations. Devices connect via this network can share files easily but the network speed is not exceptional.

Data Center

The data center is a dedicated space in a building where all the devices and servers are stored. The data center is like the brain for an organization and all activities happen from here. The Data Centre is responsible for processing, storing, and disseminating data.

Computer Network Management

As the name suggests network management involves managing all the connections connected to the network. The performance, discipline, and all other network settings can be monitored from one location and there is no need to go to each and every device to check the drivers and other settings.

Network Security

Security is an important factor and is really crucial while accessing the internet. There are some malicious sites on the internet and these sites have viruses in them. The virus attacks the computer and steals all your data or corrupts everything. Network security helps in detecting these threats and prevents the virus from entering the system.

Telecom Network

Telecom network is also popular by the other name - telecommunication network. The telecom network has devices connected and these connections are called nodes. This type of network allows the sharing of data like messages and the internet. There are transmitters and receivers which play a major role in the transfer of data.


SDN - Software Designed Networking is an advanced and dynamic network configuration. SDN is generally used to control and operate open protocols like Open flow. If you use SDN, you won't need switches and routers and this will also eliminate the security features that come along. SDN has three elements which are controllers, forwarding devices, and communication protocols.


LAN refers to the local area network and this type of network which spreads over a short area. The nest example for LAN is wifi. WAN is a wide area network and this type of network covers a large area. The best example for a WAN is the World Wide Web or simply known as the Internet.


As said earlier there are different types of networks and the connection depends on the style of the collection. The connection style is called topology and there are various types of topology like ring topology, star topology, bus topology, tree topology. The characteristics and demands of topologies are different and an organization can choose any topology depending on their requirements.

Packet Tracer

Packet tracers are the cross platform visual simulation tool. It was built by Cisco Systems and it is helpful in creating network topologies. The software is quite helpful in simulating the Cisco routers configuration. If you are facing trouble in completing the assignment for this topic, you can ask for packet tracer assignment help from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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