What Is Business Law?

Business law is the set of rules and regulations by which business firms need to abide by. Business laws can be federal, state, or local. These business laws are meant for protecting business owners from any kind of legal implications that might arise in the future because of breach of business contract terms among others.

Types of Business Law

Here are some of the most common types of business law:

Employment Law: - Employment law is all about business contracts. These business contracts are meant to ensure that business employees are paid well in accordance with the terms of employment they have agreed upon when joining a company.

Immigration Law: - All foreign nationals working for companies need to abide by immigration laws before being hired at any business firm in their country of residence or business destination.

Consumer Goods Sales: -All business firms are expected to abide by consumer goods sales laws when selling different products or services which can affect the safety, health, and well-being of consumers in any way.

Contract Drafting/Negotiations/Litigation: -These business contracts are meant for protecting the interests of business entities in case of any business disagreements or disputes.

Antitrust: -All business firms are expected to comply with antitrust laws when it comes to business operations and dealings so as not to form cartels which can have devastating effects on the economy.

Intellectual Property: -Businesses need to protect their intellectual property (IP) rights as business IP is the key to business competitiveness and growth.

Taxes: -Business firms need to abide by tax laws before taking part in business dealings as failure to comply with such rules might lead them into big trouble.

Bankruptcy: -When a business entity gets bankrupt, it's important for it to follow bankruptcy laws so as not to mess up its finances any further.

Business Law Examples

Here are just a few examples of how attorneys can help your business:

Business Formation

A business law attorney can help you start your company. They will be able to tell you about the different ways to structure your company and also where you have to have it operate. Your lawyer will make sure that you are protected from the beginning of your company.


A business law attorney can also help you when it comes to drafting business contracts. This is important because business contracts are not easy to understand by someone who does not have experience in business law. Your lawyer will make sure that your company stays protected every step of the way with regard to business agreements and deals.


A business law attorney can also help your business when it comes to lawsuits. These are common in business, and they may lead you into big trouble if not handled correctly. With this kind of lawyer on your side, things will be much easier for you as they know how to handle these kinds of legal cases the right way.

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  • Can business law firms help business entities with contract drafting?
  • What kind of business litigation can occur and how do business laws protect businesses in this regard?
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