Why students choose to learn Java programming?

Are you wondering about student’s choice for learning Java programming? Why it is important to learn Java? Or why Java is popular among students? Well, reasons are many for choosing Java and it is good question to ask why it is so famous, especially in today’s times. According to research, more than 3 million devices are running on Java. There are many web applications, software tools, mobile applications, and scientific applications developed through Java programming. Moreover, it is one of the most used programming languages because of its impressive features. Let’s explore why you should learn Java if you really have keen interest in programming:

Impressive features of Java programming

Object-oriented programming language

Undoubtedly, Java has a feature OOP (object-oriented programming) and change the way of programming. Through OOP, it allows developers to use clear modular structure, reuse codes, intensify the development process, and easy maintenance of codes as well. Apart from providing best practices to programmers, it offers abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance. In Java, it is easy to manage object dependency.

No platform dependency

If you remember, Java works on the concept of WORA (Writing Once, Run Anywhere) which means it doesn’t depend on any platform. For compiling Java codes, you need an intermediate format, called bytecode, and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for execution. Moreover, any system can execute Java code if it runs a JVM.

Robust & secure

Java is robust because it uses a strong management system. It also has automatic garbage collection that runs on JVM. As a safety feature, it includes runtime checking and static type-checking while compiling. Due to these features, invading a Java application from the outside becomes a daunting task. There are some applications such as SSL, JAAS, or Cryptography that provide security to this programming language.

Best for IoT, Data Science, and Machine learning

Java offers the platform for developing code compatible with multi-platform. This is the best requirement for data science. Another big advantage of Java is Scala. It is one of the technologies used to build solutions for big data processing and machine learning. However, Scala is not for new coders. It is built on JVM and goes well with Java programming. If you have a good understanding of Java, then it is easy for you to learn Hadoop or hive. It is another form of technology work with grid computing and also machine learning. For creating Internet of Things based applications, Java’s Micro Edition is a trustworthy and convenient platform.

Easy to learn & user-friendly

Java is easy to learn and use. If you are a beginner, you want to go through 2 stages: learning core Java and its advanced course. It reflects that Java offers an easy path to learn. Things get easier when you are familiar with installing JDK and setting up Classpath. “Java is C++ without the guns, clubs, and knives,” according to James Gosling, which means basic knowledge of C and C++, would be helpful in mastering Java. The syntax of Java is described in English that allows learners to grasp and remember it quickly.

Other features of Java:

Besides the above-mentioned features, there are some other features that let you choose Java over other languages:

  • Java is backed by Oracle and gets high-level support from topmost technology firms such as IBM and Google.
  • It acts as a multitude of open-source libraries and offers frameworks for the rapid development of reliable apps.
  • It provides big and mature community support.
  • With IDEs and tools, Java development becomes simple and easy.

Why is Java so popular programming language?

Java is so popular because of its no-dependency on a platform or multiplatform support. You can run Java programs on different platforms till they have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  Furthermore, you should know JRE is compatible with mobile phones or desktops running Linux, macOS, or Windows.

The use of Java is getting more by passing years. That’s why several companies have built a solid foundation with the help of Java. Bypassing so much time, still, Java is doing great as it is a high-level and object-oriented programming language. It has a great ability to combine innovation with stability. If any code was written in decades in Java, it still runs faster. In addition, the code will gain from the latest profiling, native code translating, and memory management.

Java code offers robustness as the objects are free from references to external data. Well, it is an easy programming language but it is powerful enough to spawn a wide array of classes and libraries.

Applications of Java programming

Java is the first choice of many programmers and developers for developing many applications. Read the following examples to understand where developers use Java programming language:

Creating web applications: Java is helpful in creating various web applications. Many organizations such as Google, health institutions, government facilities, and defense departments use Java for designing their web applications.

Developing android applications: Using various applications in your smartphone is the best example of Java programming. In order to develop apps for Android platforms, Google’s Android API is used.

Software tools: Java is the stepping stone for software industries. Open-source and commercial projects are built because of Java programming. Some best IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans IDE, and Eclipse create Java applications

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