Need to write an abstract for research papers? Find out how!

Diving deep into the world of studying lets you explore the worth of research papers. It acts as a comprehensive task to explain the topic of your studies while doing your Ph.D. or other form of studies.

A research paper explains how scholars dig out more information about the assigned topic and complete understanding about it. It also uncovers the in-depth knowledge of the topic. While working on any paper, the most significant aspect of research paper writing is to write an abstract.

What is an abstract?

An abstract reflects the major aspects of the research paper in a small paragraph of 300 words. It acts as a summary of published or unpublished research papers to serve defined purposes. Abstract is important because:

  • It provides an overview of your research paper to the readers and lets them judge whether it is useful for them.
  • By reading the abstract, readers will get to know your research objectives, issues, methods, and key results.
  • It also allows readers to note down the key points of your research paper.

Here, you need to remember that search engines (like Google or Bing) and bibliographies databases use abstracts and titles to index the research paper. So, it is critical to focus on writing titles and abstracts to make your work more visible to other researchers.

Note: There are specific guidelines to write an abstract when it is for a course paper. I suggest you follow your professor or university guidelines when it is fulfilling a purpose while writing an abstract.

What to include in your Abstract?

While jolting down your thoughts and understanding in writing the abstract, many queries suddenly bombard your mind. How do you summarize a research paper in 250 to 300 words? What should be the right context while writing your abstract? 

Abstract of your paper must explain the following elements:

  • Background or context of your research; topic of the paper if anything specifically defined.
  • The main focus of the studies or the statement of the research paper.
  • Glimpse on the previously researched same question or topic.
  • Demonstrate the objectives and rationale and focus of the research. 
  • Analytical methods, findings, outcomes, or arguments.
  • Reflect the significance or implications of your findings.

When to write your abstract

The thesis, dissertation, or research paper is incomplete without writing an abstract. When your mind leads you to work on your research work, you need to write your abstract to guide your readers properly. If you are keen to know more about guidelines and what to include in your abstract, check out “The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.”

Furthermore, you can dive into the samples of some abstracts of published work or articles. It will pop up your mind with enough ideas to work on your abstract and make it worthy to read.

Examples of Abstract Writing

How to write an abstract with the right notion? Project your ideas in the right direction in the most appropriate format. To present more clear views on abstract writing, I am sharing some examples of abstracts of research work to understand it more deeply:

Example 1: Technical Research Work

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Smart Production: Progress, Trends, and Directions

Image resource: Sustainability PDF

See the Abstract: How beautifully the writer explains everything in the abstract. By reading the abstract thoroughly, you will get to know the purpose of the research work and the user database. In the end, you fill primary keywords on which the work research paper is based.

Example 2: Medical research work


“COVID-19 and its impact on education, social life and mental health of students: A survey”

Image resource: Sciencedirect

When it comes to working on health-related studies, writers need to be more focused on every bit of information. The abstract clearly defines the purpose of the study and other crucial information. Another best example is to write your abstract by clearly outline the research work in minimum words.

Final Thoughts

Through this write-up, our best efforts are to maximize the significance of abstract writing. Scholars need to pay attention while writing their abstracts so they amplify the reach of their research work. If you do write a precise abstract, you will gain more impressions on your research work. However, if you have any query regarding writing, do let our subject matter experts your queries and receive exact solutions quickly.