How to Write More Engaging Content: Do’s & Don’ts of Article Writing

Do you want to know how to write engaging content? Are you struggling with the do’s and don’ts of article writing for your blog, website, or online store? This is a problem many businesses face when trying to create more compelling content. 

It can be difficult because there are so many different opinions out there about what makes great content. However, we have put together some tips that will help improve your ability to create better digital content. You can also ask for academic help in content development.

To make your web copy better you need a great idea or message that is going to be interesting enough to keep people reading. This is more important than anything else. To write something truly compelling you need to think about what it is that sets your business apart and try to communicate this in a way that will really resonate with people, whether they are potential customers or not!

Do's & Don't of Article writing

Do’s of Article Writing

Choose a topic wisely

Don’t be bored!  Writing something that is dull and uninspired will not engage anyone. It needs to stand out from the crowd. So, try to be creative when it comes to selecting the topic and work on it.  

Conduct intensive research

Writing is incomplete without research. When you focus on article writing, conduct comprehensive research to pen down the most appropriate information.

Write short paragraph

Write long drawn-out paragraphs. Keep it short and sweet with the point at the beginning and end, this will make your content easier to read! 

Create unique content

Don’t just rehash old content; it is beyond rephrasing. You need to present new ideas and thoughts in totally unique ways. Think about breaking the rules to produce more engaging content to deliver your message.

Implement on-page SEO

Search engine optimization is the new face of content writing. But, it is just a technique to boost the reach of your article writing. So, don’t overcrowd your write-up with keywords and interlinkings.

Keep consistent tone

A tone reflects the voice of your article writing and the message you want to convey. For example, if you are writing social impact, keep your tone around social issues. It will help to produce engaging content.

Use social platforms

Writing is not enough if it doesn’t knock down many mobile screens. Today, we spend maximum time on social media platforms to go through updates and feeds. Share your article on social media to outgrow its reach.

Don’t of Article Writing

Don’t ignore the importance of title

The title describes the subject line of your article. Your title will decide whether readers choose to read your article or not. So, don’t ever ignore the significance of your title in any condition.

Don’t lose focus

It is important to keep your readers engaged while writing articles, so make sure you don’t ever lose their attention. Losing the main idea of an article will only lead them in a direction where they are not interested anymore and won’t be able to enjoy reading what you have written about for them!

Don’t write for SEO only

SEO is an important digital marketing technique to amplify the reach of your written content. Use it wisely to address the viewers’ query by reflecting on the first of SERP. But, don’t be obsessed with it.

Don’t degrade content quality 

Another vital aspect of article writing is the quality of content. How can you engage your readers if you don’t produce quality content? So, project your ideas and facts on a decided topic without degrading the quality of content.

Don’t follow competitors blindly

Keeping an eye on competitors gives you an idea of how to deal with current trends and their strategies. Blindly following their strategies may create a negative impact on your content writing. 

Don’t expect immediate ROI

Thinking about growing your business in a few days may sound magic but not practical. Your dedication, hard work, and consistency will help you to reap the desired outcomes, which takes time. Patiently wait for your turn; your hard work will pay off.

Don’t use plagiarised content

Don’t be a copycat! Instead, take inspiration and create your own unique content. Your words are what inspire people when they read them in the voice of you writing it. Make sure to write like yourself for an authentic reading experience that leaves readers wanting more.

Bonus Tips On Writing Engaging Content

Creating content is important, but it’s not always easy to know what topic or angle will really resonate with your audience. I recommend following these steps:

  • Find a clear idea for the article 
  • Brainstorm topics by asking questions like “What are my readers interested in?” and “How can we help them?”
  • Review your content and read it before publishing it
  • Check spell check and grammar errors 
  • Don’t get mad with numbers.
  • Make your unique identity and writing style.
  • Avoid overstuffing your keywords
  • Use links to justify your information
  • Integrate your visuals into your article.
  • If possible, interact with your virtual audience through commenting.
  • Do regular reading


Don’t be fooled by the idea of writing an article in just 5 minutes.  Article writing is a significant part of content development as well as content marketing. Follow a step-by-step process and keep eye on everything before directly jumping to writing. I am hoping that you will get an idea of what you should keep in mind while creating content for your digital presence.